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Fall Conservation Plan Learning Circle Recap and Resources

About 60 women attended WiWiC's Fall Virtual Learning Circle about Conservation Plans on December 9. In typical WiWiC Zoom fashion, we had lots of engagement and sharing of resources in the Chat, so we have published the Chat transcript and the presenters' resource list below. You can also watch (or re-watch) the video here:


Clockwise from left: WiWiC South Central Regional Coordinator Sara George with Renewing The Countryside told her story of working with NRCS to fix conservation concerns on her farm in Pepin by developing and following a Conservation Plan. Melissa Bartz, NRCS Assistant State Conservationist for Financial Assistance, and Betsy Doolittle, NRCS Area Resource Conservationist in Appleton, presented on options that can be explored with Conservation Plans. WiWiC Northeast Regional Coordinator Kirsten Slaughter (in WiWiC shirt) facilitated the discussion.

Chat from Ladies Lunch ‘n Learn Conservation Plans Webinar

What is a high tunnel?

A plastic covered structure that can grow longer season crops in.

Does anyone know or have a link for the FSA regarding a farm ID? What is involved?

Call your local FSA office for an ID. Make an appt and bring in your deed of the land then they will help you fill out some forms to get registered in their system.

Does NRCS help new landowners understand what can be done on your property?

Yes, NRCS staff will walk your land with you and help you understand what practices would fit. It’s easier if you have some ideas in mind. NRCS can help you with technical support. WiWiC conducts events and field days that serve as information resources to help landowners know what they want. If the landowner does not want to enter into cost=share programs with NRCS, WiWiC can help you connect to people who can help you have a conservation plan for your land. Please reach the WiWiC Coordinator of your area or go to

How do we find the NRCS contact for our area? Can you put the slide back up that shows you how to contact NRCS?

Where do we get that Conservation Plan template?

That is the WiWiC template for writing Conservation Plans. Working with the WiWiC Coordinator can help you write a conservation plan for your land.

Do cut off dates align with beginning and end of year?

Not always - there are usually spring and fall dates. We accept applications continuously, year-round.

If you aren't selected during one of the cycles, can you reapply?

Yes, you can, but you may also want to talk to someone after receiving notice that you haven’t gotten funded to find out what you might do to make your application score higher and be more likely to be funded in the next cycle.

No need to reapply, your application remains active for the next opportunity unless you choose to cancel.

Do you need to have minimum amount/acreage of forest for FMP? Is this integrated into conservation plan?

There is no minimum acreage requirement for Forest Management Plans (FMP).

Can you say a bit more about how the windbreak can be used to create wildlife corridors? Could the windbreaks be planted with native tree species to increase the wildlife habitat quality?

The purpose of windbreak would be to reduce soil erosion by wind, wildlife benefits are secondary. However, if addressing soil erosion by wind you could target species that are preferred by wildlife.

If you wanted to do a wildlife corridor that could be done as a tree & shrub planting. NRCS will only recommend species native to Wisconsin for the plantings.

MFL is the Managed Forest Law plan that is prepared by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Can you direct me to the list of species for windbreak plantings?

Attached to the email

Can you get an FSA farm number if you have only forested land and don't plan to grow crops?

Yes, you do not need to grow crops to participate in programs. The forestland needs to be privately owned.

How is the funding treated for tax purposes?

We do not give tax advice. Funding is usually less than what your expenses are to install the practice.

Wisconsin Native Tree and Shrub Guide by County:

NativeTreeandShrub -Guide by County
Download PDF • 4.14MB


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