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Video of Conservation Summer Camp #4: Manage Your Land Legacy

“I wish I had a way to ensure that the conservation measures I’ve put in place will not be bulldozed by a developer or reversed by a future landowner -- but I guess can’t control the future.” Have you had this thought?

The truth is that you can take steps to dictate what will happen on your land even after you no longer own it. In this session we covered the basics of an agricultural conservation easement – including who are the parties involved, how conservation easements are funded, and the tangible ways you can use this tool to protect your land from non-farm development and ensure appropriate stewardship for generations to come. This session was recorded at our final Conservation Summer Camp Lunch Zoom of 2022 on August 25

Speakers: Kara O’Connor, Midwest Philanthropy Officer, American Farmland Trust, and Kirsten Jurcek, Brattset Family Farm, a landowner farming on an agricultural conservation land trust.

Conservation Summer Camp Lunch Series

WiWiC hosted a second year of our Summer Camp series the last Thursdays of the month in May, June, July and August of 2022, giving an opportunity for women landowners from across the state who share a passion for stewardship to connect with expert advice, resources, and opportunities around a virtual campfire. The series will be repeated in 2023, with topics to be chosen by participant surveys.

Enjoy this replay of 2022 Summer Camp #4, and reach out with any questions to

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