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Coming This Fall To Your Inbox: The WiWiC Listserv! Ask Questions, Suggest Answers, Make Connections

If you have attended one or more of our WiWiC events this year, you probably left with lots of answers, and even more questions. Whenever we get together, whether it's virtually or in person, there is such a rapid exchange of information that it's impossible to capture it all. We've decided to launch a WiWiC Listserv so that we can continue the conversations. As we head into Winter, this will be a great tool to build relationships, knowledge and excitement for the growing season ahead.

The purpose of the WiWiC Listserv is to enable women landowners and conservation professionals in Wisconsin to connect and exchange resources, experiences and inspiration. The focus of this listserv is conservation information exchange. We aim to support and keep each other informed about learning opportunities, events, articles, or other pieces of knowledge relevant to conservation and ask questions and receive advice. You do not need to own land to participate.

As with all WiWiC endeavors, this listserv is in the positive, collaborative spirit of women supporting each other. Discussion is always encouraged; however, please keep the tone of posts positive and respectful. The moderator has the right to end a discussion if it is deemed disrespectful or does not belong on the forum.

What’s allowed:

-Sharing information related to conservation, including Wisconsin-based events and other resources.

-Asking questions and seeking advice on one’s particular piece of property, including topics like managing invasives, plant identification and conservation practices.

-Job announcements, internships and volunteer opportunities.

-Land for sale and land desired.

-Buy, sell, trade, donate or fundraising posts related to conservation are allowed, but please use your discretion and post only once. If you are interested in the posted item, please contact the seller off the listserv.

-Carpooling to events such as WiWiC field days and workshops.

-While this listserv has a Wisconsin focus, posting events or resources just “over the border" is allowed.

What’s not allowed:

-Politically-focused posts or disrespectful tones.

-Topics off the conservation focus.

To SUSCRIBE to the WiWiC listserv:

Send an email to with “LISTSERV SUBSCRIBE” in the subject line. Include your full name and address in the body of the email. You will receive a separate confirmation with additional details when the listserv launches in late October, 2021. If you are not already on the WiWiC mailing list and receiving our e-newsletters, we will add you there too.

To UNSUBSCRIBE to the WiWiC listserv:

Send an email to with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line. Include your full name and address in the body of the email.

Any questions on the listserv, please contact Lisa Kivirist at

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