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Queen Bee Session #2: Jennifer Nelson, Humble Pie Farm

The Queen Bee Sessions feature Wisconsin women farmers, landowners and conservationists who are making strides to protect soil, water, and wildlife in our fair state. The sessions are hosted by WiWiC Communications Lead Kriss Marion, who practices managed grazing with sheep and hosts a farm stay at Circle M Market Farm in SW Wisconsin. Session #2 is a conversation with Jennifer Nelson of Humble Pie Farm in Plum City. Jennifer was a founding member of the WiWiC team, and she talks with Kriss about her journey from stress to rest while nurturing family and building a farm business.

Queen Bee host Kriss Marion talks with Jennifer Nelson of Humble Pie Farm in Plum City about soil health, mental health, community health, and family health.

Humble Pie Farm produces certified organic bedding plants: veggies, flowers, and herbs. The nursery farm sells mostly to wholesale customers in the Twin Cities - grocery stores and plant shops - but is currently taking orders from individuals through their website for farm pick up on May 14. Jennifer talked to Kriss about her farm journey, how the farm has changed over the years, and how conservation is at the heart of it all. Listeners will appreciate her gentle, patient, and forgiving approach to making mistakes and making improvements incrementally.

Listen in and follow along on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon.

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