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Queen Bee Session #3: Marci Hess, Driftless Prairies Blog

The Queen Bee Sessions feature Wisconsin women farmers, landowners and conservationists who are making strides to protect soil, water, and wildlife in our fair state. The sessions are hosted by WiWiC Communications Lead Kriss Marion, who practices managed grazing with sheep and hosts a farm stay at Circle M Market Farm in SW Wisconsin.

Session #3 is a conversation with Marci Hess, Kriss' neighbor in Lafayette County, and the author of Driftless Prairies Blog. Whether you are new to prairie stewardship, or a long-time practitioner, you'll find something new or exciting or challenging or encouraging on Marci's blog, and in this conversation. Her best advice to women just starting out in prairie restoration: "Chunk it out." Watch below to learn what she means, or listen in on Spotify.

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