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Queen Bee Session #4: Conservation Coach Harriet Behar of Sweet Springs Farm

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The Queen Bee Sessions feature Wisconsin women farmers, landowners and conservationists who are making strides to protect soil, water, and wildlife in our fair state. The sessions are hosted by WiWiC Communications Lead Kriss Marion, who practices managed grazing with sheep and hosts a farm stay at Circle M Market Farm in SW Wisconsin.

Session #4 is a conversation with Harriet Behar, of Sweet Springs Farm outside of Gays Mills. Harriet is a WiWiC Conservation Coach and recently hosted a WiWiC Field Day there, where participants were able to view a wide variety of conservation practices, including water management, pest and weed control, and broad use of various cover crops. Watch or listen in to learn about Harriet's long history in the organic movement, her experiences as an organic inspector, and her belief that "a healthy landscape is a beautiful and enriching place to call home."

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