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Video of 2022 Conservation Summer Camp #2: Enhancing Pollinators

We’re buzzed up talking about pollinators this session, digging into what you can do to increase the population of bees, butterflies, beetles and why pollinators are so vital to creating and maintaining a healthy habitat and ecosystem. Deirdre Birmingham, co-owner and orchardist at The Cider Farm in Mineral Point shared about the importance of pollinator habitat on their property, and the vital role played by native bees for the early fruit crops.

As an agro- and ecosystem ecologist, Laura Jach Smith strives to advance the conservation and ecological enhancement of our natural and agricultural resources. Laura is a biologist and the Wisconsin NRCS Pollinator Liaison with the nonprofit Pollinator Partnership. She assists with the development of informational and educational materials on establishing pollinator habitat, and provides support to landowners, NRCS staff and their partners on projects related to the implementation and evaluation of pollinator habitat and practices. She shared a bounty of information and statistics about the value of pollinators and how imperiled they are.

This is a DON'T MISS presentation, if you are interested in advancing your efforts to support pollinators. Enjoy!

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