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Video of Conservation Summer Camp #3: Managing Your Woodlands

For this incredible Summer Camp Lunch Zoom on Managing Woodlands we were joined by landowner Margaret Parsons, of Wildflower Woods, and Women of WWOA Steering Committee, who shared some of her woodland management projects and the many resources WWOA has to offer woodland landowners, including a woodland management mentorship program. She emphasized the importance of having a good management plan in place. Then Lauren Larsen–a Forestry Educator for UW-Madison Division of Extension- walked us through woodland management goal-setting based on your values and being realistic - figuring out first what you already have and also assessing what limitations you may have in achieving you conservation goals. She shared many incredible resources for women landowners to tap. We also briefly heard from Adena Rissman, a professor in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at University of Wisconsin - Madison. Rissman directs the PIE lab: People Institutions & Ecosystems and conducts interdisciplinary research on the human and policy dimensions of sustainable forestry and agriculture. She enjoys working to support landowners making decisions and understand how policy can better support conservation choices. She shared an update on their New Landowner Project research.

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