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Summer Field Days Start in August!

We at Wisconsin Women in Conservation are so pleased to announce our schedule of in-person on-farm field days for 2021, starting in August across the state. These events are free for all women landowners but registration required and space is limited.

  • All women landowners are welcome to attend-- whatever your background, from beginners to experts!

  • Events will be outside. Please bring a water bottle, bug spray, portable chair, umbrella (for sun or rain), comfortable shoes for walking. Dress for the weather. Taking photos encouraged!

  • Events will follow current CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

  • WiWiC is a family-friendly space and you are welcome to bring your children. We will have some independent kids activities available.


Aug 03, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Full Circle Community Farm, Seymour, WI Join us for a tour of Full Circle Community Farm and see pollinator and riparian buffers that were established last year. Full Circle Community Farm is a multi-generational organic farm using conservation practices and managed grazing to raise cattle, pigs, chickens. Full Circle also raises 10 acres of organic vegetables for a 200 person CSA and larger accounts. Hear about the successes, challenges, and lessons learned in the first year of a new conservation planting. Dinner provided and bonfire to follow at 6 pm. Speakers: Val Dantoin, Full Circle Community Farm; Conservation Coach with Wisconsin Women in Conservation Heather Toman, Full Circle Comunity Farm Julie Peterson, Farm Bill Biologist, Pheasants Forever Host Farm Background Full Circle Community Farm: Our mission is to provide high-quality organic food while creating a community-based farming model that will revitalize farms and communities all across the country.


Aug 06, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Turtle Creek Gardens, N5105 Pinnow Rd, Delavan, WI Join us for a farm day with organic farmer, Janet Gamble at Turtle Creek Gardens! We will learn about organic farming, integration of livestock, and practices that make the farm diverse and abundant. Topics covered include integration of diverse species, waterways, native plantings, pollinator habitat, cover crops, annual flower plantings, tree lines, perennial hedgerows, swale to drain water off fields and the conservation practices behind them. Snacks provided.

Host Farm Background

Turtle Creek Gardens: Turtle Creek Gardens is dedicated to providing local food grown with care that will be sustaining to the land and the health of the community.


Aug 14, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

W8957 Goat Back Rd, Pepin, WI View a prairie up close and take a field walk side by side with NRCS staff, conservation coaches and neighbors that can build our knowledge of prairies, prairie establishment and restoration. Sally Farrar, a passionate prairie manager from Pepin County, will lead a hike through her personal prairie and explain the process for her in regards to seed selection, pollinators and native grasses, drilling vs. tilling, prairie burns and more. Learn about specific grasses, pollinators, wildflowers, grassland birds and other biodiversity that prairies foster. Snack provided. Speakers: Sally Farrar, Host and prairie manager from Pepin County, Conservation Coach with Wisconsin Women in Conservation Jen Roetter, NRCS Pepin County Harriet Behar, Conservation Coach with Wisconsin Women in Conservation; Sweet Springs Farm Cynthia Lane, Technical Service Provider Kathy Ruggles, Prairie Enthusiasts


Sep 28, 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM Holm Girl’s Dairy, E10025 690th Ave, Elk Mound, WI

Join us for a pasture walk with organic farmer and conservationist Mariann Holm. She will be covering pasture renewal, grazing as conservation, and grazing livestock on pasture with trees. NRCS staff will join us, and talk about how NRCS programs have benefitted Mariann’s farm. Connect with women farmer and landowners, and learn and see how soil regenerates through pasture rotation and renewal. Examples of interseeding to increase biomass through the NRCS CSP program, and tree harvest to improve woodlands, also supported through NRCS. Box supper provided. Host Farm Background Holm Girl's Dairy: Six girls. 40 Jersey cows. 2 little brothers. Really good food. We are a 100-acre dairy farm located in Wisconsin dedicated to organic practices and intensive-rotational grazing.

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